About Us

About Us

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

For Selathaar, the journey began in 1954. Its founder, Janab A Mohamed Kasim had a vision for the nascent leather industry in South India. Even in those early years, the qualities that would make Selathaar a leader became evident. Vision, business acumen and a corporate conscience were part and parcel of Selathaar initiative, over the decades.

Selathaar began its rise to leadership with the exclusive export of goat E.I. In a decision ahead of its time, the company branched into tanning services in 1996. Today, four decades later, Selathaar’s expertise and service is benchmark in Asia for highest quality Tanning Solutions. Headed by Janab A. J. Razack, who is the third generation in the lineage, Selathaar is today on of Asia’s frontline Tanning Solutions providers.


The Selathaar Factory & Effluent Treatment Plant is situated in Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu, South India. Strategically located on a 20 acres estate, the Selathaar Factory in conveniently networked with major rail and road links. The Tiruchi airport is only 1.5km from the factory.

The Selathaar Factory has a built-up area of 25,000 square metres. Its work force comprises a 450 strong team of dedicated end experience professional. They are led by a team of 30 fully qualified technical officers, who oversee and implement stringent quality controls, while supervising the optimal use of raw materials. Selathaars core competency in Research & Development has translated into international quality of competitive prices. Personalized service is the key to the success of Selathaar.

Recognising the fragile nature of the environment, Selathaar has initiated and adhered to the strict environment protection norms, that are required of a mature tannery. Selathaar has numerous felicitations as the most eco-friendly tanning establishment. The state-of-art machinery, Effluent Treatment Plant and regular monitoring have been a pioneering effort. Standing testimony of the green commitment and the ETP is used to maintain the green belt planted and maintained by Selathaar.

A team of energetic, dynamic and well qualified professionals and personalized service to each and every customer have strengthened over the years, making the name Selathaar synonymous with trust and dedication.

The Selathaar Advantage

At Selathaar, out clients benefits from a slew of advantage that only an industry pioneer can offer.

They Include:

  • A five decade old reputation for excellence in the training industry
  • State-of-the-art machinery
  • A dedicated and experienced work force
  • A stringent quality control system
  • A tanning specialization in goat EI, Goat full chrome crust and imported wet blue and calf hides


The Selathaar tanning capacity for following categories are:

Goat: 37.5 Million square feet per annum

Cow: 6.0 Million square feet per annum